31 oct. 2010

Mexican summer holidays!

I travelled to Mexico in september! I have been in Mexico city, Cancun, Tulum, Chichen Itza and more places (I don't remember their names). People are really nice there, they always treat us very well and they make you feel welcomed.

Jumping in Chichen Itza! That day was pretty hot.

One of my favourite places: Isla Mujeres, you can see a lot of little colorful houses, it's like being in a rainbow! lol

la même histoire

"...On vit au jour le jour
Nos envies, nos amours
On s’en va sans savoir
On est toujours
Dans la même histoire..."

I got this picture years ago, I don't remember where I got it but I'm quite sure it's from flickr (let me know if this is your picture!) xx

30 oct. 2010

I missed you!

Sorry guys, i've been kinda busy but i will upload some new pics! so.. i hope you enjoy them! My travel was awesome, i loved mexico!

summer + tequila + mexican hats + more tequila :D

Don't you love these fabrics? I ADORE THEM!! They were made in: France (the 1st one) and England (the 2nd one). They've got a really good palette of colours.

These pictures were taken in 1930. I love the haircut, i ask myself why! haha i've got the same haircut! :P